Ditch the tech. Get ready to connect. 

Give your audience THE Chance to trust the unfiltered You. 

If I had a dollar for every business owner who told me that they’ve got a podcast or YouTube concept in mind but it’s on the “back burner right now”, I might be able to double my income. 

But I think I know why it’s easy to push pause on the idea of a podcast. The thing with podcasting is there are no rules. You get to decide how often you publish, what day to publish, how long the episodes are, how to structure the episodes, and on and on….

THIS is what makes podcasting AMAZING and PARALYZING.

On your own, you might continue to get stuck.

But together, we can flow.

I’ll let you know exactly where to zero in so your investment counts. You’re feeling uncertain? You send a DM or a Vox and then we hash it out and boom, we make a decision, and we move.

Your listeners are CRAVING connection. Pictures, words on a page…those can be perfectly curated. And sometimes, that’s needed. But the transformation you bring comes through story-telling and through the adventure in asking the hard questions and discovering the honest answers.

There’s nothing to interpret when it comes to podcasting. Your listeners can connect with your tone, your energy, and your influence within moments of pressing play. 

Your people want to be known and understood. They need to know that you have been where they’ve been and understand why they are struggling. When your story overlaps with their story, something clicks. Something is unleashed.

You seriously can’t afford to keep that podcast on the back burner any more. 

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YouTube Content Strategy & Channel Management

A content plan for six months or the year? Yes, please! Get a done-for-you content strategy that provides you with 8 video concepts that would perform best for your niche. BONUS! Get 40+ content ideas that would work for any of your marketing platforms. Be confident you are creating content that addresses the exact pain points of your ideal client.

Discover how to use what you ALREADY have to get started. You DO NOT need to make huge financial investments to get started on YouTube. If you already have a podcast, you likely just need some lighting, background, and tripod suggestions to launch! 

Get your workflow set up in your project management tool for podcast, video, and marketing purposes. Know exactly what you need to create, when and where to drop it, and know exactly how and when content will be distributed.

Is your channel optimized to ensure your subscribers can find you in more than one way? And are they 100% sure they are in the right place? Make sure that you are taking advantage of every tool on the backend of YouTube to attract your ideal audience! 

Do you have any guiding strategy when crafting your titles, tags, thumbnails, and descriptions? Each one of these elements of your channel is a way to continue redirecting traffic back to your content. Discover how to let YouTube know who will devour everything you are creating! 

Feeling a little tongue-tied? Everyone feels like this in the beginning! Take advantage of having a script template created for you so you can be clear, concise, and never miss an opportunity to engage your audience and convert viewers into clients and customers!

Video editing can feel like a beast, especially when you’re the one on screen. Save time and have it done for you!

No more spaghetti on the wall! The genius of Youtube is how the platform provides some incredibly in-depth analytics that will show you EXACTLY how your content is performing. I read them and show you what your audience wants MORE -or less of when we’re planning your next batch of videos!


Podcast Management

Basic Package – Based on four 30-45 minute episodes 

Hosting a podcast can be so fun IF that’s all you have to do-HOST! You hit record I make sure your content is delivered straight to your audience on release day. 

Premium Package – Based on four 30-45 minute episodes

Untitled design

Podcast Launch

Sometimes the tech involved in a podcast can put a damper on your creativity and ability to connect with your audience. Stop googling “how to submit a podcast on iTunes” and I will hand you the microphone and you can hit record. Then I get to work and you get to coffee. Or yoga. 



Content Repurposing

Smarter, not harder. You know how to make your content last longer, but you don’t have the time. Not everyone who needs to connect with you hangs out in the same place.

Repurposing your episodes will shorten the road your clients travel to find you and feel confident that you are in fact, the catalyst they crave.

Let’s take your YouTube or podcast episode and create 3-5 social graphics and captions, turn it into a blog, and then share it with your email list this week!  

Steps to work together...

Step #1

Book a free discovery call!

Step #2

We’ll talk about where you’re headed and I’ll share with you a plan for how we can do that together, faster.

Step #3

Sign your proposal and contract and get started!

Step #4

You start recording and I’ll deliver your content to your listeners! 

Working with Dee-Anna has been a seamless process and each project she takes over I am continually blown away! She is great at creating and (most importantly) implementing systems. She is diligent and takes ownership of her projects, taking stress and tasks off my plate!
Micala Quinn
Course Creator and Podcast Host
I can not even count how many times I have wished for more hours in the day - and that's exactly what Dee-Anna gives me. More hours to focus on the income producing activities that propel my business forward, and more hours to make meaningful memories with my family.
Meg Brunson
Marketing Strategist & Podcast Host

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